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On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of local artists who have participated in the Plein Air Sac. We are thrilled to present their names, websites, and emails so that all who are interested in learning more about them and their works might contact them. 

Plein Air Sac and its parent organization, Youth Connections Unlimited, highly encourage those interested in supporting local arts and artists to reach out to these artists. It's because of their commitment to the arts in Sacramento and their participation in our program that we can raise awareness for youth art education. 

Thank you, artists, and keep on inspiring us all with your creative efforts.

*Youth Connections Unlimited does not receive any commissions or collect any fees that may arise from the sale of these artists' works. In some cases, we were not provided an artist website. If any artist would like to update this information, please contact us with the correct information. 

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