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On this page, we will display works from Plein Air Sac artists, upcoming shows, and youth art produced at our events. Please share this with your friends.



"I am a painter of ideas, in as much as I am a painter of things. I don't analyze my process, rather, I analyze the results of my efforts."


Artist Statement

Jason Richardson is a SOCAL native who currently lives and works in Sacramento. He has a diverse background that has led him through various industries. He began his art career 18 years ago after deciding to abandon his work in government and politics. Currently, he spends less time in the studio and more time working on his digital marketing agency, Blue Bushel Creative & Marketing, Inc. 

Jason has pursued artistic exploration on three continents and is an accomplished academic artist, earning his MFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. He also earned his B.A. in International Relations & is a certified digital marketing professional from UC Davis.      

​About the Work

Last year's Plein Air Sac was a true labor of love. I covered a lot of terrain throughout our region, met new friends, and enjoyed new landscapes. However, I didn't do much painting. Late last fall, that all changed.

While out at the Colin Family Farm in Davis, I did a lot of sketching as I traversed nearly five miles of broken soil. Ducking into the shade of trees, I cooled myself down and then surveyed where to go next. This pattern of sketching, cooling down, and then surveying for a new and interesting view, was something that happened not just in Davis, but also at the various other event sites during Plein Air Sac 2021. 

By the time the end of the year had arrived, I was already busy preparing my studio for explorations in color and materials. What resulted was a lot of layers of acrylic paints to flesh out the general composition, and establish a thick base to paint on. After, oil paints were washed, scrubbed, and spread into and onto one another until I had captured the essence of the serenity I felt in those moments of quiet contemplation of my surroundings. Something I refer to as, Urban Amnesia

Jason can be reached at:

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