On this page, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Plein Air Sac. If you would like to learn more, please read through below. And, if you still have questions, please contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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Q: Who operates Plein Air Sac?

A: Plein Air Sac began as a community arts initiative of Youth Connections Unlimited, co-administered by Blue Bushel Creative & Marketing, Inc. Youth Connections Unlimited is a nonprofit organization based in California.

Q: Are my donations tax-deductible?

A: Yes. Plein Air Sac is collecting donations on behalf of Youth Connections Unlimited, which is a nonprofit charitable organization. Still, you should contact your tax attorney or accountant for more details.

Q: How long does Plein Air Sac run?

A: Plein Air Sac will officially run from July 14, 2021, thru October 4, 2021.

Q: How come the program runs so long?

A: We have devised a multi-month program so as to maximize the window of opportunity for the participation of artists and Sponsors.


Q: Are there any special dates I should be aware of?

A: Yes. Please see our About page for details.

Q: I’m an artist, how do I get involved?

A: Sign up to become a Registered Artist by visiting our Artist Sign Up page here.


Q: Is there a cost to sign up as a Registered Artist?

A: No, signing up as a Registered Artist is FREE.

Q: As a Registered Artist, can I participate in the juried show in the fall?

A: Yes. If a Registered Artist would like a chance to participate in the juried show, they would complete the Registered Artist Call For Entry Form, pay the fee, and upload their images.

Q: Can I participate in the juried competition if I do not sign up as a Registered Artist?

A: Yes. To be considered for participation in the juried exhibition, all that is required is that the artist complete the Standard Call For Entry Form, pay the fee, and upload their images.


Q: Does the completion of the submission forms guarantee me a spot in the juried show?

A: No. Submission of an application and payment of fees does not ensure that the artist will be selected for the exhibition. 

Q: What mediums may I use in my final works?

A: Any medium that can reasonably be worked with outdoors is acceptable. This includes oil, acrylic, or watercolor painting, mixed media, pen and ink, digital painting, and, even photography.

Q: If I choose to be matched up with a Sponsor, how will I be informed?

A: A representative of Plein Air Sac will contact you with the Sponsor information.

Q: Do I have to paint what the Sponsor asks me to paint?

A: Only if the Sponsor has explicitly stated what the subject or style should be. If you do not feel comfortable with the request, you will be offered another Sponsor (if available). However, due to the number of artists and Sponsors, no guarantee of another placement is possible.

Q: Who owns the completed artwork?

A: The artist owns all the completed artwork. However, he/ she may offer to donate the final work for a charity auction, or negotiate the sale of the work to the Sponsor. Sponsors are encouraged to engage the artist for future commissioned works.

Q: I’m a business owner, how do I participate in Plein Air Sac?

A: Business owners may become Sponsors by joining the Friends of Plein Air community or by becoming an event sponsor. To join the Friends of Plein Air community click here.

Q: Where does the money go?

A: Donations support our efforts to provide arts education to the underserved communities in the Sacramento region and allow us to expose youth to the lifelong benefits of artistic expression. 

Q: Will there be another Plein Air Sac?

A: Yes. This being our inaugural year, we have been busy planning for a spectacular event. However, that has not prevented us from thinking ahead to Plein Air Sac 2022 and beyond.

Q: Will this FAQ page change?

A: Most likely, yes. We will make every effort to keep this page up-to-date with the most accurate information available. 

For any additional questions we may have missed, please contact us.

Thank you!