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Greg Kondos

Through the generosity of our members and sponsors, in 2021, we supported art education opportunities for more than 100 students in the Sacramento City Unified School District by providing art much-needed supplies to the Food Literacy Center. Additionally, we sponsored aspiring artist, Alex, to the "Planes, Trains and Art Mobiles" weeklong art camp at the Crocker Art Museum. And, in 2022, we're expanding our efforts to share our mission and bring more art experiences to Sacramento youth. 

This is where you come in. 

For as little as $8 per month, your support can provide at-risk youth in Sacramento with the benefits of continuous art education. It's been proven that children who are exposed to art education are more empathetic, develop refined motor skills, engage in abstract problem solving, and are generally more confident than their peers who are not exposed to the arts.

And, if you need additional reasons to become a join us, we offer a wide array of additional member benefits that include access to our events, special pricing on art, and more. Please support our efforts to bring unique youth art experiences to our children and our communities by clicking the button below. 

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